Our policy is to satisfy customer requirements by supplying products which are fit for their intended purposes. To achieve this we develop and manufacture products which fully comply with quality specification, codes of practice and statutory requirements.

"We believe that "Quality" is the responsibility of all employees; the quality of our products and consequently the future of our company is a direct result of the everyday actions of our employees, in all departments and at all levels."

Sterling Gelatin is a division of Sandesara Group of companies involved in manufacturing of gelatin for pharmaceutical and edible uses. We have collaboration with CRODA Colloids, a world leader in gelatin technology, to set up brand new Gelatin manufacturing facility at Baroda, India. The gelatin can be used for food, photographic, cosmetics, metal, refining, paper, plastics, toiletries, collage, meat, leather, jelly, gel, grade, hard, soft, capsules, shell, vitamin, encapsulation, tablet.
The policy has been developed as a consequence of :
  • The recognition that production of good quality products is sound commercial practice.
  • The awareness that the increasing tendency for large purchasers is to source materials from suppliers who have assured quality systems.
  • The realisation that industrialisation is increasingly concerned with product quality.
  • The increasing legislation regarding fitness for purpose and performance products

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